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About Stone Company

We first opened our doors in 2016, with the purpose of supplying wholesale and retail stone. Initially focused on just providing the retail market with pre-cut store slabs for countertops, we have since diversified our range of products and stone selection.

Guided by our vision and influences of founder and team, we aim to give you, our customer, locally and internationally manufactured products, professional services and stone that suits your budget.

"The whole idea was to serve the industry with pricing structures to meet the needs of high end to low end customers."

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Product and Service

We are direct importers of Granite & Quartz stone, specializing in ready to fit, pre-cuts. Whether you're undergoing home projects, like your kitchen or bathroom or you're looking for wholesale stone, we've got an extensive range of colors for you to choose from. Just ask any of our current clients, ranging from contractors and interior designers to shopfitters and property developers, we bring international standards and quality straight to you.


Quality. Satisfaction. Professionalism.
These three words underpin and drive us to be the best in what we do. We aim to to source and produce the best quality stone to our customers and satisfy their needs and wants in a professional manner. Not forgetting to provide the heart of our business, our employees with a safe and friendly environment to accomplish these projects.


These core values and principles are what motivate and inspire us throughout our day. Passion to lead with integrity. Dedication to serve our customers with high quality stone. Drive value and outstanding service through all we do. Continuously improve our offering and workmanship to an international standard.


We're all about delivering and producing high quality stone products throughout South Africa. From what you, our customer wants to the finishing details and quality, we promise to provide nothing but the best.

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