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Welcome to the StoneCo Ultimate Partnership that goes beyond business as usual. StoneCo is committed to building not just spaces, but relationships that last. With our exclusive program, you're not just a customer; you're part of the StoneCo family. This is where unmatched quality meets unparalleled support, designed for the discerning professional ready to take their business to the next level.

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Partnership Tiers

1. Granite Gateway

Up to R1000 fixed commission on initial sales.
10% discount on labour costs for customers.
Entry into the Extreme Kitchen Makeover contest.
Automatic enrollment for all new partners upon joining StoneCo's partnership program.

2. Lumina League
Progressive Revenue Share: Increased commission up to 2.5% on total net value.
Extended warranties of up to 15 years on stone materials.
Ultimate Stone Care Package including tailored warranty certificates and cleaning kits.
Access to the Professional Community for networking and knowledge-sharing.
Achieve a minimum of R50,000 in total sales volume.
Complete at least 5 successful installations.

3. Luxen Leaders
Higher Revenue Share: Escalate commission up to 3.5% on total net value.
Exclusive Marketing Packs with professional project photography.
Direct support with a dedicated account manager.
Advanced training sessions with certification to enhance marketability.
Surpass R150,000 in total sales volume.
Complete a minimum of 15 successful installations.
Demonstrate innovative use of StoneCo products in projects.

4. Diamond Directors - (🔥Limited Direct Application) 
Top-tier Revenue Share: Peak commission of 5% on total net value.
Elite Partner Status with featured profiles in marketing campaigns.
Luxury Annual Performance Rewards including high-value equipment.
Exclusive retreats and incentive bonuses for top performers.
Exceed R300,000 in total sales volume.
Complete over 30 successful installations with exemplary quality.
Contribute significantly to the StoneCo community, sharing expertise and supporting fellow partners.

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Ultimate Partnership


Apply • Complete The Process • Best Prices • Best Customers • Best Work Environment • Best Commission Structure  • Best Growth Opportunities • Best Compensation • Best and Brightest • BEST YOU APPLY NOW!
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More Benefits

Comprehensive Marketing & Growth Support:

Elite Partners Program: Achieve top-tier status and enjoy featured profiles in our marketing efforts, co-branded campaigns, and early access to new offerings.
Customised Digital Marketing Packs: Tailored content creation to boost your online presence, including professional photography of your projects.
Partner Portal & Direct Support(TBA): A dedicated account manager and access to our partner portal for streamlined ordering and tracking.

Exclusive Training & Networking Opportunities:

Certification Programs(TBA): Stay ahead with training sessions on the latest in stone craftsmanship, complete with certification to enhance your marketability.
Professional Community Access: Join an exclusive network of professionals for knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaboration opportunities.
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But Wait... THERE'S MORE!

Ultimate Stone Care Package:

Tailored Warranty Certificates & Cleaning Kits: Customised to match the stone types your customers choose, enhancing their maintenance experience.
Exclusive Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials: Delivered directly to you and your customers, ensuring the beauty and longevity of their installations.
Additional Service Vouchers: From cleaning to plumbing and carpentry, we’ve got every aspect of home care covered, adding incredible value to your offerings.
Extreme Kitchen Makeover Entry: Each project gives your customers a chance to win a kitchen transformation worth 50,000 Rands, making your services unforgettable.

Incentive Bonuses & Retreats:

Annual Performance Rewards: Top performers enjoy luxury invitations, high-value equipment, and tools essential for scaling your business further.
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Best Stock • Best Services • Best Prices • Fast Track • Warranty Certificates • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee • Revenue Share • Marketing Support • Extreme Kitchen Makeover • Chance for R20000 in Cash • AND SOOOO MUCH MOOOOOORE!

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Visit StoneCo’s partnership program page today. Start reaping the benefits of a partnership designed to elevate your business, delight your customers, and transform spaces into masterpieces. Let’s grow together, with StoneCo by your side every step of the way.