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Benefits Set in Stone: 

Access to Diverse Portfolio:

Diversify your designs with our extensive stone portfolio, updated regularly for your creative explorations.

Tailored Solutions:

Discover tailored solutions for each unique architectural project. Your vision, our flexible stone options.

Efficient Delivery:

Meet your deadlines with our timely delivery and professional installation services. We ensure efficiency and reliability.

Exclusive Previews:

Experience exclusivity with our 'Architects' First' policy, previewing new stone arrivals and technologies.

Technical Support: 

Leverage expert advice on stone selection for your architectural projects. We stand ready to guide you.

Continuous Education:

Stay ahead of trends with our regular educational sessions on stone trends and technologies.

Design Consultations:

Enhance your projects with our complimentary design consultations, making the best use of our stone materials.

Co-marketing Opportunities:

Boost your visibility with our co-marketing opportunities. Let's highlight our successful collaborations.

VIP Architect Program:

Enjoy VIP treatment with our architect loyalty program. The more you order, the more you benefit.

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Our 3 Why

Quality Materials: 

At StoneCo, we believe that every great design begins with exceptional materials. 

Our stones are carefully sourced from the finest quarries around the globe, ensuring we provide only the best for our discerning customers. 

Our rigorous quality control process ensures that every slab, tile, and veneer reflects the superior craftsmanship and durability that StoneCo is renowned for. 

With StoneCo, you're not just buying stone; you're investing in a lasting legacy of quality.
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StoneCo is deeply committed to sustainability. 

We recognize our responsibility to the environment and are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our eco-stonework initiative focuses on responsible quarrying, minimizing waste, promoting recycling, and utilizing renewable energy in our manufacturing processes. 

We also prioritize sourcing stones from ethical and environmentally conscious suppliers. 

With StoneCo, you can create stunning designs that are as green as they are beautiful.
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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at StoneCo. 

We are constantly exploring innovative design solutions, pioneering cutting-edge processing techniques, and embracing new technologies to offer our clients superior stone products. 

From ultra-thin stone veneers to sintered stone that pushes the boundaries of durability and design, our products are designed to inspire and fuel your creativity.
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See Your vision carved into reality, and quality set in stone

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Recent Instalations

Step into the world of exceptional stonework with our exclusive collections. Each category offers unique aesthetic and functional characteristics:

Landscape Design

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Dekton Sabbia and Granite

Great Projects with great finish

Dekton Ceppo and Avorio

High quality design to transform 

Music Design

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Engine Design

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ston bathroom Denton

Road Design

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We are direct importers of Granite & Quartz stone

Our Craft
We offer a broad spectrum of stone materials that cater to various preferences and budgets.

Our Expertise
We master the art of pre-cut and ready-to-fit stone products. Leveraging state-of-the-art Waterjet technology, we ensure precision in cuts and finishes, guaranteeing that our products seamlessly integrate into your space and design.

Our Support
Complementing our high-quality stone products, we extend a variety of services guidance, delivery, and installations for an enriching and comprehensive experience At Stone Company, we are not just a stone provider; we are your allies in crafting spaces that spell beauty, durability, and functionality. With every stone that we shape and every space that we transform, we aim to be partners in your journey, guiding you from vision to reality.
Quartz Range
Granite Range

Our brands are now cut with precision, using the latest Waterjet Technology by


Waterjet Services that we provide

Stone Cutting and Mitering • Tile and Stone Cutting • Detailed Patterns on Stone • 3 Dimensional Cutting • Engraving in Stone • Inlay Work • Custom Bathroom Sinks • Pitt Cooking Cut-Outs • Custom Designs

What values we believe in

Our mission is simple: Deliver quality, inspire satisfaction and manifest professionalism. We provide an experience rooted in our values of passion, integrity and an unwavering dedication to customer service.


With our sights set on becoming the benchmark in South Africa's stone industry, we envision a future where we continue to expand our footprint and influence.


We aim to let every home or business revel in the exquisite beauty and enduring appeal of our stone products, enhancing their environment and their existence.


It is not just about selling stone; it's about delivering superior craftsmanship that's both affordable and accessible, aiming to create enriching experiences for industry professionals.

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